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Welcome to IKEA’s Circular Product Design tool.
Here we offer our take on what circular product design means and how to navigate this approach when designing a new product or simply understanding how circular an existing product already is. Use this interactive tool to follow the journey of designing for circularity. This tool is intended to be a guide. In its contents, you will find inspiration, direction, and food for thought. It is not a checklist of things to do, rather a place to start.

So, let’s get started. Simply chose which product category you want to explore, click on each design principle, and answer a series of questions. You have completed the assessment once you have answered all the questions. As a result, you will get a circularity score for your product and some pointers on how to make it even more circular.

What is a circular product? For IKEA, it is a product with built in design features and capabilities for convenient reuse, refurbishment, remanufacturing, and at the very end of life, recycling. Here you can explore how to design a circular product, or check how circular the product you own already is.

Not all products have the same possibility to be circular. Here you will find the main furniture and accessories product types and their circular design recipes. Which product type do you want to explore?